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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've been lazy.

Very lazy... BUT.. What better way is there to spend summer than at the beach?
We watched some BEAUTIFUL sunrises...
alligator hunting on the causeway.
imperfectly beautiful flowers in the merritime forest
Every time I'm at the beach, I feel a sudden childhood urge to collect sea shells.
We enjoyed learning all about the "Spineless Wonders" of the sea at the  state park education center.
Crabbing! Who knew crabs like chicken? ( =
seining at the marsh

We survived the wrath of hurricane Irene.
Celebrated Dylan's Birthday at Midevil Times dinner show. Go Yellow knight!  ( =
Rode on the Sea Screamer, the world's largest speed boat.
Even if Irene did ruin one of our days of sun, at least she washed up some beautiful treasures the next morning.
After a storm is the perfect time to hunt Shark's teeth.
We spent our afternoons strolling the beach board walk and catching local bands at the oceanfront stage.
Dylan learned how to ride the waves on his boogie board... Well, he sorta learned... He's under there somewhere.
We had a great time at the beach. Huntington beach state park is the best private beach in the area, and we love visiting all the touch tanks, glasses, and cool adventure programs there (seining, causeway, crabbing, and more!). Dylan finally got to visit "Mideveil times" that he's been squirming to see since the Jim Carry Cable Guy movie. We had a nice family BBQ at the beach with my parents and little sister. Survived Hurricane Irene. Are some amazing sea food, visited the water park, and the new Myrtle Beach board walk. Seen fireworks TWICE, road on a giant speed boat, and so much more. I'll stop now, so I don't make you jealous with the massive amounts of fun I've been having lately. ( =
AMAZING SUMMER... and it's not even Labor Day yet! ( =
Dylan & Emily 2011 Myrtle Beach.
How was your summer? Go some where fun? Have an awesome stay-cation?
 I'd love to hear what you've been up to. ( =