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Hi! I'm Emily, your crafty go to girl. I love all things crafty! I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, photography, card making, DIY projects, home decor, photo projects, personalized gifts, stamping, jewelry making and just about anything that involves creativity. I run a small Etsy shop called paperpixie crafts. I also have my products in several local shops. I am slowly but surely extending my line of products. My goal is to start filling up my Etsy shop and then eventually open a local boutique. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who can tolerate my craft obsession, and a great family who is always supportive of my goals. This blog is a sneak peek in to my life and my creative thoughts. I'll be sure to keep you posted with all the cool stuff I see along my crafty journey. Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas card time! Family photo shoot.

Hello Friends! I am glad to announce that I am feeling much better now. Not completely well, but was able to get out of the house some yesterday for photos and to celebrate my parents 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
Yesterday was our family Christmas card photo shoot. We even brought little Georgia dog along!  This year we worked with Brian from Sipsy Photography. He is a local photographer and has great rates, so if you haven't yet, be sure to check Sipsy Photography out. The photo shoot was a pleasant experience and we are very excited to see how our photos turn out.  We are still debating what style of Christmas card we'd like to use this year.  I've been looking around the web for ideas and have found some really cute Holiday cards at Shutterfly! 
Have you ever purchased Christmas Cards from Shutterfly? I have never used their cards but I have ordered prints several times and the quality is amazing. I'm sure that I will be just as happy with their cards. There are so many cute card options that I am having a hard time decide between these two. What do you think? 
*Click on either photo to see larger and link to Shutterfly page for more info about cards.
5x5 flat
5x7 fold

I'm not sure what card style we will decide on, but I'm sure that they will turn out great! Help me out... Comment and let me know what card you like best!

One of the many calendar options available.
While I'm on a Shutterfly kick... I'm going to give you a sneak peek on one of my goals for the new year... 
                   A family Calendar!
I know it sounds like a silly goal, but I have always loved the idea of making a calendar that had photos from each month of the previous year. I also plan to include all of the family's birthdays and special days. While I've never managed to actually create one for our family... It's on my to do list for this year. 
Shutterfly has loads of cute stuff on their site, including... you guessed it... wall calendars! Want to take on the calendar challange with me? You know you want to! Just look how cute they are!

And yes...(I know you are wondering) I will post our family Christmas photos when I get them back from the photographer. ( = 
Are you having Christmas photos made this year? Does your family traditionally send out photo cards? What companies are your using this year?

*Attention fellow bloggers: Shutterfly has an opportunity for you to earn 50 free holidays cards too!
This post is part of the 50 free cards deal.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Anyone go black Friday shopping? Not me! We are having handmade Christmas this year so I have very few items on my retail shopping list. But... I'm always curious to hear what king of good deals everyone got. Who got the steal of the day?

Now that everyone has done their black Friday shopping... it's time to shop handmade at Paperpixiecrafts.Etsy.com! Saturday (Nov 27th) blog Follower Special: Use code PPCBLOGREADER at check out to save 20% off any purchase over $20! (You MUST be a public follower of this blog) The First 3 customers to use the code will receive a free gift with purchase. Shop till' you drop because all* orders over $50 ship for FREE! *Shipping offer valid through December 1st. Thanks for shopping handmade!

Update: Market, Thanksgiving, and crafty goodness.

image source
No friends, I haven't abandoned you, I've just had a million things happening all at one time lately. My poor hubby strained a muscle in his back and has been out of work for over a week! Lots of rest and several trips to the Dr later... he finally is feeling better and returned to work today. On top of that madness... I've been really sluggish lately with a nasty cold. I'm 8 days in to this strain and I've yet to feel any sign of wellness at the end of the tunnel. I started some antibiotics today and hope that I'll be back up and kicking soon. So... Since I seen you last-


Paperpixiecrafts set up at the 1st ever North Georgia Crafters' Market. It was a huge success for a first time event. We had lots of wonderful vendors and a nice turnout. Santa even stopped by for photos! I had a wonderful time and was accompaniedby my wonderful MR, my mother in law (who made some beautiful jewelry for the event) and by my photographer friend Wendy, who kindly provided free kiddie face painting at my booth. We had a great time and are looking forward to the North Georgia Crafters' Holiday Market on December 4th. If you are local- be sure to visit us!

image source
image source
After the craft market... I came down with my cold. ) = But I was still able to enjoy my aunt's seafood birthday dinner in Chattanooga. ( = Then... My crafty photography friend Wendy informed me that Kroger had Cricut machines on sell for ONLY $99!! I was THRILLED and the MR took me immediately to get one. It's my early Christmas gift. ( = I've been playing with it and learning all the cool function. I think I'll really enjoy using it to cut out appliqued letters. I hope to try out vinyl soon. Any one have any Cricut tips?
image source

Oh. and don't worry... The MR got an early Christmas gift too. He decided he had to have a Marshall guitar head. So we've been hearing a crazy amount of wild guitar solos this week while he's been home from work.
image source
And... Then there was Thanksgiving. Usually Thanksgiving is a big event at my parents house. But this year, since everyone was feeling under the weather, my cousin had the family dinner at her house. We were all so sick... no one at my parents house, or our house made it. ) = We did though, head over to the in-laws house for a nice laid back turkey dinner. I stayed in my PJs on the inlaw's couch while my Mr headed out to the other side of the family's massive Thanksgiving dinner at the local civic center. I hated missing the tradition, but I didn't want to get all the kiddos sick. Hopefully I'll get to see everyone again soon. How was your Thanksgiving?

On the up side of being confined to the house all week... I did get a ton of crafting done. I lots of new things listed in my Etsy shop and I am even working on a tutorial to share with you guys soon! In the mean time... check out some of the cool stuff I've been working on. ( =

Fabric wreath.
peace sign necklaces
reclaimed snowman ornament
crayon roll
glass pendant necklaces

book page ornament

If you are a fan of my book page ornaments... be sure to check out my corresponding book ruffle wreaths!
book ruffle wreath
I hope you have enjoied my new crafty creations! I  have lots more to share with you... but for now.. I think this post is just about as photo heavy as it can handle... and it's time for another dose of nyquil and a nap. (=
Keep your eyes pilled for my book house tutorial coming soon! You're gonna LOVE it!
Here is a sneak peek.
book house by Paperpixiecrafts 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Come on out...

To the North Georgia Crafters' Market!
Saturday, November 20 · 8:00am - 2:00pm
LocationJoe Stock Memorial Park Main St LaFayette GA
Sponsored  By
More InfoMark your calendars,we are holding the first ever NORTH GEORGIA CRAFTERS' MARKET. We will have some of the area's best handcrafted items! Get some shopping done, have some yummy treats, bring the kids to see the train exhibit at the old school house, and be sure to stop in and visit Santa from 12-2! Photographer Vince Stalling of Hope Productions will be on site offering photos with Santa. Come out and enjoy the fun and support local vendors. After visiting the Crafters' market, take a stroll down Main Street for Christmas on the square. Town square shoppes will be offering deals and treats for this special occasion. Shop till you drop at the Market and Main Street, and then at nightfall head back out for the first weekend of the City's Christmas light show at Joe Stock  Park. This is a great opportunity to support your community and have a wonderful time with family and friends!
Are you a local vendor? There is still time to snag your spot for this fun event. 12x12 vendor spots start at only $10!
*Please Note: The events mentioned above are open to the public and event admission is FREE.

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Fall in Georgia!

I LOVE fall. The trees start to turn and all the pretty leafs make the mountains a beautiful canvas of colors. My parents property connects to a National Wildlife Reserve so we get to sit in the breakfast nook and watch all the deer and animals when the trees start to shed and create a view.
The little sis, the Mr, and I took little Georgia for a fall walk the other day. Georgia LOVE to play in the leafs. Our new house has a big oak tree in the front yard that is sure to fill our front yard with leafs. I bet Georgia will have a blast playing in them! ( =
Katie found a pretty dandelion on our walk and blew it with a wish over a beautiful mountain sunset.

New baby!

A long time family friend, Kenessa, was blessed with a perfect baby girl this week.  She hasn't shared any photos on the net just yet, but I'm so behind on my blogging that I am just now sharing photos from her shower that was weeks ago! ( = CONGRATULATIONS KENESSA! I can't wait to meet your little one.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rapture Jam

I was excited to be invited as a vendor to the first ever Rapture Jam. Paper Pixie Crafts and Meg at Bug Creator from Ry Bug Babies teamed together yet again for another great event. New Generation Christian Church youth hosted the event at the Summerville Rec. We've been informed that a 2nd annual event is being planned already. Maybe we will see you there next year.
A Review in photos...
1. I finally got to meet Meg's new friend Jess and her cute little ones.
2. Meg, Ry, and I manned our vendor booth for the afternoon. Apparently Ry thought the exact second that we were taking this photo was an appropriate time to pick my nose... but hey... You take what you can get with babies.. Right?
3.&4. Fireworks... I was impressed with the display ( =
5. The ferris wheel. I didn't ride it personally... but it got great reviews from the kiddos.
6. My wonderful hubby Dylan who was a real sport about the fair and came after work to help set up our vendor booth. Thanks babe! ( =
So... We'll see ya next year?

North Georgia Crafters group

 Soon after Sum Nelly a friend of mine, and local crafter, Samantha N, started the North Georgia Crafters Group. This is a great spot for local crafters to share event info, tips, ideas, and network together. If you are a local crafter, or a fan of our group or it's members, please click here to join us on facebook. We have some pretty exciting events planed for upcoming holiday months that you don't want to miss.
Meet you on the North Georgia Crafters page!

Sum Nelly photos revisited.

For those of your who are wondering what happened to the craft show photos... Here they are... better late than never.. right?
Above are photos from Sum Nelly. Meg from bug creator and Paper Pixie Crafts teamed up to create that nifty little craft booth you see here. We had a great time, met some really great local crafters, and had a fairly large crowd turn out.  To learn more about Sum Nelly and the Summerville area, visit Chattooga county's website. Who knows... Maybe we'll see you there next year! ( =