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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas card time! Family photo shoot.

Hello Friends! I am glad to announce that I am feeling much better now. Not completely well, but was able to get out of the house some yesterday for photos and to celebrate my parents 23rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
Yesterday was our family Christmas card photo shoot. We even brought little Georgia dog along!  This year we worked with Brian from Sipsy Photography. He is a local photographer and has great rates, so if you haven't yet, be sure to check Sipsy Photography out. The photo shoot was a pleasant experience and we are very excited to see how our photos turn out.  We are still debating what style of Christmas card we'd like to use this year.  I've been looking around the web for ideas and have found some really cute Holiday cards at Shutterfly! 
Have you ever purchased Christmas Cards from Shutterfly? I have never used their cards but I have ordered prints several times and the quality is amazing. I'm sure that I will be just as happy with their cards. There are so many cute card options that I am having a hard time decide between these two. What do you think? 
*Click on either photo to see larger and link to Shutterfly page for more info about cards.
5x5 flat
5x7 fold

I'm not sure what card style we will decide on, but I'm sure that they will turn out great! Help me out... Comment and let me know what card you like best!

One of the many calendar options available.
While I'm on a Shutterfly kick... I'm going to give you a sneak peek on one of my goals for the new year... 
                   A family Calendar!
I know it sounds like a silly goal, but I have always loved the idea of making a calendar that had photos from each month of the previous year. I also plan to include all of the family's birthdays and special days. While I've never managed to actually create one for our family... It's on my to do list for this year. 
Shutterfly has loads of cute stuff on their site, including... you guessed it... wall calendars! Want to take on the calendar challange with me? You know you want to! Just look how cute they are!

And yes...(I know you are wondering) I will post our family Christmas photos when I get them back from the photographer. ( = 
Are you having Christmas photos made this year? Does your family traditionally send out photo cards? What companies are your using this year?

*Attention fellow bloggers: Shutterfly has an opportunity for you to earn 50 free holidays cards too!
This post is part of the 50 free cards deal.


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