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Hi! I'm Emily, your crafty go to girl. I love all things crafty! I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, photography, card making, DIY projects, home decor, photo projects, personalized gifts, stamping, jewelry making and just about anything that involves creativity. I run a small Etsy shop called paperpixie crafts. I also have my products in several local shops. I am slowly but surely extending my line of products. My goal is to start filling up my Etsy shop and then eventually open a local boutique. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who can tolerate my craft obsession, and a great family who is always supportive of my goals. This blog is a sneak peek in to my life and my creative thoughts. I'll be sure to keep you posted with all the cool stuff I see along my crafty journey. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Time and tide wait for none." Business and life.

It's me! That's right.... I'm still around. I've been MIA for months but with really good reasons. After the holiday season I took a seasonal office position that kept me busy through the better part of March, then it was back to the craftiness that is me. I have been crafting up a storm lately! My latest crafty partnership venture Apple Sprouts started out so well, but after a few months I've had a huge out calling of followers and customers asking me to bring back the Paper Pixie, (paperpixiecrafts) So I have decided that I need to stick with my original plan and focus solely on PPC. That being said, with me just returning from our semiannual family beach vacation, and fall & holiday craft season just around the bin, I figured now was as good of time as any to catch you all up on my journeys.
In the past few months I have took to sewing more that I ever expected. Mainly focusing on children's items and women's accessories. I just love the feeling of a finished project. I can't believe the improvement I've seen in my own sewing skills since I've began to do it more often. I can finally say that I feel confident in my abilities to sew just about anything now. (with exception to zippers! they still make me cringe. Shhh.) My livingroom officially looks like a sewing sweat shop. I'll have to get that studio back in order before the holiday's so I can replace my work tables with a twinkling tree. ( =
During the sewing rush I have filled my crafting time with plenty of earring making to break up the monotony of constant sewing, and of course I make hair bows to go with each and every little girl outfit I make... because who doesn't love a matching bow?
My plans for the upcoming months include hosting a DIY wedding (this weekend! EEP!) as well as fall craft shows for almost every weekend in September and October. I'll be one busy gal!
I hope to start checking in here more often, but I'm sorry to say that the daily themed post was a bit unambitious for my blogging style. I'll eventually find the time to reformat the sections of this page, but don't worry... I'll archive all the goodies I posted during my days of themed post. (=
Now that you have listened to my year in the life... I guess what you'd all really like to see... is the projects I've been working on. Here's a quick run down in photos.
Alabama cork-board with rhinestone push pins. Available in theme of your choice. 12x12
Avengers themed baby gear was all the rage this summer with the new movie coming out.

Amy Butler Poppy print pillowcase dress. I love making the tie on the side.
Show in Cave Springs, GA

I did several Batman themed little outfit for the new movie premier and then afterwards for memorials.

Butterfly charm earrings.  

Bloom pillowcase dress with ribbon ties.

daisy button hairbow

For several weeks... I couldn't make these Farm all Tractor gift sets quick enough. Aren't they adorable.

I just love this forest print from Micheal Miller.

I've tried to come up with some cute boy outfits too. I think this Curious George baseball onesie set is  just perfect for an adorable little man.

beautiful glass European and cat eye bead earrings

Everyone loves Hello Kitty right now! Back to school bows galore!

John Deere lined jumper A line dress with matching bows.

Bottle cap necklaces. Crafters themed.

Key fob key chains. Webbing and grosgrain.

Another cute pillowcase dress.

Micheal Miller green ribbon pillowcase dress. Just screams St. Patty's day to me.

Outfit made for a little one to wear in the Miss. Georgia beauty pageant  this year. ( =

owl and crystal charm earrings

cute pillowcase dress with ribbon ties

Spring show at Dalton mall.

tinkerbell and dora bows

UGA bow

UGA swing top

Ruffle pants

Ladies checkbook wallet

Zebra and pink tassel key chain.
If you like some of the things you see... be sure to check out my shop Paperpixiecrafts.Etsy.com to find your own goodies.
Thanks for reading. Until next time. -Emily Anne.

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