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Friday, May 14, 2010

dotty toile overall inspiration STRIKES GOLD!

Several Tuesdays ago I spent the morning rummaging the yard sale, antique, junkin, rebel flag & ninja throwing star selling, "I cleaned out my closet from the 80's" bearing, Trade Grounds. Known around this area as "Trade Day."
Though most of the stuff is "Pure-D" Junk, I rarely leave empty handed. ( =
The particular Tuesday I'm speaking of- was an exception. I went home with a car full of lucky finds that day.
Note worthy finds:
- A vintage rolling travel trunk that I'm considering decopodge-ing. $8
-Clear multi-colored canisters with shiny silver lids (that I'm sure will be used for some sort of craft storage) 3 for $1
-A HUGE rubber maid FULL of sewing patterns!! It has everything from pajamas to wedding gowns dating from the past year to the early 60s. I was so proud of this find. Expecially since I claimed it all for only... drum roll please... $5!! Thats right! AND the fella even thew in 2 industrial size rolls of taffia fabrics. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those new patterns!
But back to my original post theme- Although I found all those great things- my real mission was to find some children's overalls. I found only a few pair- but, couldn't complain with the days overall finds.
With no overall luck at "trade day," I've been searching local thrift stores and claiming all the little overalls I can get my hands on to start building my little stash. Why? Because I LOVE the way they looked trimed out in ruffles and ribbons. This dotty toile pair of overalls was made a while back and I've decided to try out some more for all the little lady's who are enjoying my dresses so much. I plan to work on some new overalls this week and will photo photos when I finish. If I get enough sizes in my overall stash, I'll start offering them in my Etsy shop as well.
Can you believe that this little pair of overalls inspired such madness- that ended in amazing junk sale finds? You just never know where a spurt of inspiration may come from- and more importantly... where it may lead. (=

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