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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSN review and burlap notebook tutorial.

I've got something cute to share with you!

I have been wanting to work with burlap for like... EVER... and I finally came up with a cute project. I was inspired by these nifty letter stamps that I got from CSN stores.
First off- let me say that if you haven't checked out CSN stores yet... you really outa head on over there and see all the GREAT stuff they have! They sell pretty much anything you can think of, but I was really impressed with there selection of arts and craft supplies. I was thrilled with these little wooden letter stamps. They are a great size and I'm sure I will have a million uses for them. At under $15, how can you go wrong? They come with both upper and lower case letters and arrive in there own little wooden case, as show. They even include a quad color washable ink pad. Purchase your own here.

Ok... now back to the burlap. I've been itching to work with some reclaimed burlap, but I've had the hardest time finding any. I finally gave in and headed to walmart to buy it off the bolt. It ran around $4 per yard but I only needed about 15 inches to cover my notebook. Everything else I used for this project I had on hand. I was pleased with how it turned out so.. as promised... I'm sharing this quick tutorial with you.

Supplies: -1 composition notebook -15 inches of burlap (for full size notebook)  -2 12x12 pieces of thick scrapbook paper - 2 scrap pieces of fabric about 5x5 to make your flower yoyo -3 pieces of solid color cotton fabric scraps for stamping words -3 buttons -slim pony tail holder -Rubber cement or glue -packing tape -sewing machine

Step 1: Cut your paper to fit.
Remember covering your text books in school? That's basically the first step. I taped 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper together to wrap around the composition notebook. *Remember to allow room for the book to close- don't just measure it laying flat. 
Cut the paper at angles to fit your notebook. Think.. gift wrapping.
When your finished fitting the paper to your book.. it should look something like this:
After your get the paper sized just right... it's time for your burlap.
Step 2: 
Cut your burlap the same size as your paper. Wondering why you even needed the paper? Well... burlap is a really loose weave and without the paper you would be able to see the black and white design of the composition notebook. Also- why risk cutting your burlap the wrong size? Paper is cheaper than burlap... so I went with the "Measure twice, cut once" mentality.
After you cut your burlap to match your paper you are ready to start gluing. I used rubber cement, but I'm sure hot glue or other adhesives would work just as well.
Step 3:
Glue burlap to paper. (as you can see... i worked backwards and glued before trimming. Take my advise.. trim first and avoid a stick mess in your scissors)
Step 4: 
Make a yoyo flower for the front of your notebook. I made 2 and layered them together. (If you need directions on how to make a yoyo you can find them here.)
Attach yoyo flower to your notebook cover. I added some packing tape to the back of the paper to give the yarn something to pull against. This will keep your flower from falling off or riping through the paper. Just sew on the button sewing through the button, both yoyo, the burlap, paper, and the packing tape. It should look something like this: (by the end of the project I ended up adding another yellow button and a yellow rhinestone on top of the first button to help coordinate the yellow wording.)
Step 6: 
Now hop over to your cotton fabric scraps and use your CSN stamps to stamp out a phrase, name, etc.. of your choice. If you don't have these stamps you can purchase them here. Or if you need another alternative.. try freezer paper stenciling your text.(heres how to do freezer paper stencils) Or use ink jet fabric and run it though your printer. *Hint: Don't try to stamp, stencil, or paint directly on to the burlap... it doesn't work. I tried it. The weave is too loose and it runs your words/ image.
Step 7: 
Sew your words on to your burlap cover. Again I added some packing tape to the back of the paper where my stitches would go. I used a small zigzag stitch to give a patch effect.
After you get all your patches sewn on, trim your fabric edges. Then head over to your composition book.
Step 8:
Add some tape to the edge of your composition notebook for stability and then use pliers, scissors, or an eyelet tool to poke a hole through the edge of the back side of your notebook. Then thread your pony holder through the hole and loop it back through it's self to make a closure. I also tied a few knots in mine to shorten it up some.
Add a button to the front cover of your notebook to work as a closure with your pony.

Step 10: 
Add tape to the fold of your burlap notebook cover and thread the pony holder through. Then glue the whole cover down to the inside of your composition cover. Again, I used rubber cement... but take your pick on adhesives.Sorry for the crappy photo... this was an odd step to picture.
After you get it all glued down... secure it with some sort of clip (i used mini clothes pens) and allow it to dry. Be sure you keep your paper away from the wet glue. 
We wouldn't want our notebook all glued together would we?
After it dries... you are all done!

* Please note that I WAS compensated for the use of CSN supplies in this project. This tutorial is for personal use only please. ( =

Alright friends there was your CSN review and your tutorial... Next up... THE GIVE AWAY!
Who Wants to claim this notebook?
Check out my 100th blog post for your chance to win!

By the way... My blog goal for the new year is to host more giveaways... so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a review or giveaway- Feel free to message me with your ideas. I'd love to hear from you!

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