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Monday, July 26, 2010

New format!

* Note the nifty new links at the top of the page! I really am trying my best to get organized. Hang in there with me. ( =

Hello everyone out there in blog-land. After much consideration and a little chat with the MR. I have decided that I really need to come up with a format for this blog if I want to keep it off the list of failed attempts. So I think I have decided on a daily “theme” to keep me on track. Let me know what you think of this lineup. Here’s what the list is looking like so far.

MR. Mondays- Mr. Mondays will be hosted by my wonderful hubby, Dylan. I wasn’t sure whether to call it Mr. Mondays or Music Mondays. I have no idea what he plans to share with you guys but I must warn you- he’s a bit of a music guru, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about some of the greats. Who knows maybe he’ll post something crafty… but for now, I’m banking on man hobbies and opinions.  ( =

Ta-DA Tuesdays- On Tuesdays I’ll present a photo unveiling a project that I’ve been working on OR a fabulous shopping find and all the juicy details. (=

Week in review Wednesdays- Photos galore! Keep up with me with my week in review photo grid. Each week I’ll let you in the loop with photos and captions from my life’s favorite little moments. ( =

Tutorial Thursdays- Check in on Thursdays for a craft-tacular tutorial. I am the queen of blog stalking and I am constantly finding the cutest tutorials- I’ll share them with you here. I might even write a few tutorials of my own for you.  My own tutorial or not- either way, I’ll share tweak tips and photos of my project outcome. I always love seeing how each person interoperates a tutorial to create something unique. Maybe you’ll share your project photos too?

Frugal Friday- With the economy in the pits, everyone’s a little more frugal these days. I’ll share with you secrets for living frugal, stellar coupons and offers, as well as upcoming, budget friendly, family events in the Chattanooga Area.  You can’t afford to miss Fridays. So stop by, find something fun to do this weekend and save some dough in the process.

Snazzy Saturdays- Shop till you drop! I’m kinda addicted to online shopping. Each Saturday I’ll fill you in on what must have items I’ve added to my wish list.

Spontaneous Sundays- Sundays are free for now. I’ll leave spontaneous reviews and rants until I come up with a better “Theme.”  Any ideas?
And not to fear friends, I’ll still be hosting giveaways and interviewing artist at random. I’m always looking for sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a giving away- message me. I’d love to have you.
I’m looking forward to following this new format and I hope that you guys will enjoy it. Let me know what you think. ( = 


  1. Very nice! I am glad your jumping on the organization train with me ;) I am not as ambitious though... something for everyday of the week? PSH! I might remember to brush my teeth tomorrow. :P

  2. yea- I'm going to try to get it together. Hopefully I can stick with it. ( =


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