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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Snazzy Saturday.

With so much sewing going on this week- I've been poking around the net a lot less this week. I did though manage to sneak in a few minutes of Etsy shopping. Click on the photo to go to the sellers Etsy shop and find out more about an item. Here's what I added to my wish list this week:

Personal Organizer, Coupon Caddy, Michael Miller Whimsy, Green, Turquoise, Large Swirl by CafeBoulet

Maybe if the organize is as cute as this one... I'll actually use it ( =

I BROUGHT YOU IN TO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT typography print 8x10 by TheDecoriumStudio

This print reminds me of my Mom- she usted to tell me this when I was a teenager. ( =

COPTIC STITCHED ARTBOOK- Rescued Vintage Papers by juliareyesart

Book binding is hard & time consuming! I've tried it myself. 

These look great and have a good story behind them too.

Beverly in summer - flap top messenger

by christystudio

DOUBLE CUP of LOVE Brag - Hand Stamped and Domed Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklace with Swarovski Birth Stones

By BragAboutIt 
This would look Great with mine and my hubby's name on it for our upcoming anniversary.
 Hint hint Mr. ( =


By BeadingonaBudget

Custom hand wire wrapped St. Jude prayer bracelet wooden squash beads sterling silver
By RachelRose 
Anyone seen Charlie St Cloud yet? We went to see it yesterday for my birthday and I've decided that I NEED a St Jude pendant. This bracelet is too cute- but I'm really looking for a similar necklace.

Featherweight Sewing Machine Dust Cover/Mat Organizer
By cottagegardenquilts This is so cute! 
I'd love to have one of these for my machine!
Year Round Bottlecap Necklace Set by blingnstring
This is brilient! I love making bottle cap necklaces but this idea tops the cake! This would make a GREAT teacher gift. Have I mentioned that I'm getting my teaching licence soon? Jk lol
Quilted Rosette headband By periwinkleplace
I've always thought these things where cute. Mine never quite turn out like they should but this one is adorable. It would look great on Katie.

Owlie James blue and Owlie Bella pink by Rybugbabies

These little owls are even more adorable in person! When Meg and Ry were over a few days ago he was fascinated by these owlies. If you've got a kiddo- you've gotta snag one of these babies for your little one. 

The BELLA Vintage Inspired Black and White Polka Dot with Red Full Apron by boojiboo

Oh how I wanted this beauty! unfortunately- It sold before I could get to it but I'm sure I could get something similar from boojiboo. Isn't it so very pin-up? LOVE IT!

Petal Punch Adjustable, Large, Pleated handbag in Hoffman California International Fabrics Designer Print

Isn't It all lovely?  


  1. yay! I love being featured :D This means I have to get tons more of these done! asap!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring our Petal Punch bag in your great blog! Love it!


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