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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another week in review.

     Friday was my 21 birthday! ( = I was spoiled last weekend with going to dinner, shopping for new clothes and going to see Grown ups. I love Adam Sandler and I though the movie was wonderful. I laughed and I cried. It has a great message about family and friends and is really cute. We'll be getting it on DVD when it comes out for sure.

I though last weekend was my birthday treat but I was lucky enough to get another great weekend again! After all of the sewing I've been doing lately it was nice to be surprised with a special birthday date. Dylan and I had a wonderful dinner at Abuelo's In Chattanooga. It's really yummy and If you haven't signed up yet- go put your name in to receive their emails and they will send you free dinner certificate for your birthday and anniversary. We recommend their chicken and shrimp. ( = They are a chain of restaurants and are in several states. Click here to find locations.
We also went to see the new movie Charlie St Cloud. I LOVED it! I've never been one of the crazy Zac Efron fans but he really was great in this movie. I kind of wish I had read the book now. I'll have to pick it up one day. Oh- and after you see the movie you'll understand why I'm wanting a St. Jude pendant now. ( =

And while we were in Chattanooga- Dylan let me go on a Hobby Lobby shopping spree! Man- I could live in Hobby Lobby. He hates the place but I always dragging him around for an hour or two. ( = I found some really cute fabric and other crafty stuff.

I spent saturday sewing my heart out to make sure everything was ready for sundays photo shoot. Mom and Dad droped in on my sewing madness to wish me a happy birthday and deliver me a cute pair of PJ's and a yummy candle.
btw isn't this stick figure girl cute?
 She's from Stickfigureson Zazzle. 
On Sunday.. It was photo shoot time. It was extremely hot and I was surprised at how well my little models cooperated. I couldn't have asked for better parents to work with. Thanks guys! 
I'm still working on editing photos- did I mention that we took a zillion of each outfit? I hope to get them edited and posted soon. Maybe I will enlist the help of my photographer friend to help me "edit out the shadows" as she put it- hint hint! ( = 
Isn't she cute? I'll have better photos soon- promise!
I spent Monday night and Tuesday with my friends Meg & Ry. Poor Meg had to have last minute gallbladder surgery and her little Ry wasn't to happy about spending the night with out his mama! I'm not to much help on the baby side of things- since I'm pretty much clueless but we made it without Meg having to do a lot of baby lifting. Heck- we even made it though Walmart with a baby, a buggy, and 2 electric carts. HaHA!
 Hope you get to feeling better soon Meg.
Meg & Ry
Today was interesting. I had one of those lovely Dr appointments that we all love. I went for my first visit with my new GI doctor that my insurance insist that I see. ( You know- the one mentioned here for misdiagnosing Meg recently) Anyway- he was short & to the point, and a bit impersonal. Excuse me but if you want ME to let YOU stick a camera *you know where* you should be a little nicer to me! GRR! ( =  Anyway- he's sending me for more test next week- I'm going to give him a chance and hope that he can finally figure out what's been going on with my belly. AND... TO my other Dr that I was supposed to see for blood work today- THANK you so much for deciding to vacation out of the country for 2 weeks and fail to let me know you needed to reschedule... AGAIN!

BUT on a better note- At least dr trip to Rome turned in to something fun. Dylan and I spent hours roaming around Barnes and Noble. They have a ton of sewing and crafting books right now- If only I could buy them all!
While I'm interested in crafts- Dylan's interested in weird stuff like this...
This is a book he picked up today and decided we had to have it. It's by the guy that wrote Fight Club and is a collection of gross short stories. I must admit though- I read a few pages of it and apart from being gross it's kinda enthralling. If you have a twisted sense of humor, like urban legends, and have a strong stomach... you might pick it up too. We'll post a review after we finish the book.

After a few hours our tummy drew us out of the bookstore and off to find a yummy lunch. After lunch we stopped by the store Tuesday Morning. Guess what? They have craft stuff! A killer prices! I got some really cute stuff and can't wait to find a clearance die cut machine there... They had the slice machine but it was still over $100 so I'm holding out for a store return. I'll find one soon... I have a feeling. ( =
Check out their website and sign up to get the scoop on what they are getting in stock next.
From Tuesday Morning's Website- Go check it out.
And.. That's a wrap of my week. Tomorrow Dylan goes back to work and I'm going to force myself to  clean up this mess of a house that I have turned in to a sewing factory this week.
I hope you all are having a lovely week!


  1. lol my poor belly :( I am sorry Mr. Misdiagnose was a Dr. Jerk. lol I swear he was personable when I went in. Even though he was stupid... I meant to tell you to tell him that they took my irritable bowl out! lmfao! I am sad I need to go to barnes and nobles now! I need a sewing book. not sure why but I do I just know it! lol <3 u girl

  2. I had a stack of sewing books and magazines at my table- Dylan came over to inform me that we were not at a library and that I should decide on something. lol There are several sewing books that I've added to my Amazon wishlist but after seeing some of them in person I can check them off my list. True-fully- so of the bigger sewing magazines for me UK are my favorites but with the money conversion- I just can't bring myself to pay $13 an issue for a magazine. I think I will find someone with a subscription and get them to send me their back issues. ( = When we lived in Summerville- a lady at Shepard's thrift store in town used to save me all her crafty magazines. Next time I'm down that way- I'll have to check in to see what she has. At a quarter a piece... How can you go wrong?
    Oh- and I told MR. Misdiagnose that the hidascan he diagnosed by wasn't enough for my friend and maybe we could try something else after this test. We'll see. But at $50 copay per visit, us living an hour away, and the fact that he was wanting to schedule 3 difference test/ visits all in the same week- He better figure out something quick. lol
    I think I may have seen his assistant or another Dr., I'm not sure since he failed to even introduce himself, but he didn't look like my Dr's headshot in the waiting room. HaHa. Did you see an older Dr, that looks like he could be from India maybe?


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