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Monday, March 21, 2011

15-Happiness before I die

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Puzzled with this one? Well let me rant for a moment about an issue that I have always struggled with... Happiness. No, I'm not depressed, just permanently confused about life. You see, I have little moments of happiness often in the strangest things, but in an overall aspect, I'm always striving for something better.  Why is this a problem? Well I've got folks like Sheryl Crow singing "It's not having what you want it's wanting what you got."
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So I wonder... Am I just spoiled and ungrateful to always want more than what I have? I do realized that I am VERY blessed to have a wonderful, family, husband, home, and life in general. BUT I am also ALWAYS planning on how we can improve, what we can do to make things better.(I'm currently on an endless battle to purchase a home and prepare a stable life so that we can eventually start a family. As well as looking for a new job, researching what car we should buy  and how we are going to finance the purchase, considering going back to school, and planning our extended family vacation for this summer, all while running our home and PPC shop, this blog, and I'm currently fighting a 2 week flu. ep!) Anyway.. *snapping out of ADD rant* I'm often told to "stand still and smell the roses", "enjoy life", "be thankful and happy with what you have kid", and other similar phrases that imply that I'm an ungrateful brat with spinning wheels.
Now, my question is:
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Isn't being happy with what you got, the same thing as settling for less than what you could achieve? 
What differences a  determined young adult with a strong work ethic that's striving for a better life, from a unthankful brat?
Now I'm wondering if I'm confusing happiness with success, or maybe even fulfillment?
Happiness: state of well-being characterized by emotions.
Success: An event that accomplishes its intended purpose
Fulfillment: A feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires.
Back to happiness. I want to learn to be happy, but first I must learn what makes me happy; Learning to be happy with what I have? Or finding that happiness lies in the journey of building a life that I can be proud of?

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