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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 16 - a picture of someone who inspires you. (Life isn't always greener on the other side)

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Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.
image source
When I first decided to do this challenge I looked over the list and thought It would be a breeze, as I go through the topics, I'm learning a lot. How? Well- at first glance I opened this topic and thought imediatly that I'd write about the "DOYENNE OF DOMESTICITY", Martha Stewart.  Then, when I started typing her name in to this post I remembered my DAY 6 Challenge post about who I would like to trade places with for a day.  In that post I considered Martha, but then changed my mind because I remembered that she was in prison, and from some of the stories that I hear from my correctional officer husband, prison is the last place I'd like to spend my day. Anyway, I decided that since Martha's name seemed to come to mind multiple times, maybe I should look past the business prospective of her live that seems so appeling to me and learn more her personal life and what exactly landed her a 5 month say at Federal Prison Camp, Alderson in West Virgina. I'll spare you by not rewriting her life history here, but if you really want hear it you can read  all about it on her wikipedia page here.
Several years ago, we all watched as the new explained that she made a large financial gain from selling stocks that she owned before the market crashed in an inside deal. But what I didn't know was that while Martha has made a huge impact  on housewives across the globe as a domestic goddess, her personal life is not one that I would want to claim. Martha has held many titles as a model, writer, tv host, brand owner, DIY-er, caterer, and other wonderful titles,  but she has had her share of bad luck in her personal life.
image source I couldn't find a single photo
of Martha with her new grandchild )=
In short, I was surprised to read that while Martha is known to many as the perfect home maker, she did not make the perfect home, as her marriage ended in divorce after 28 years. Then, her long time boyfriend, Charles Simonyi, left her, and suddenly married a woman less than half his age. Martha's mother has passed away, and her daughter lives in a penthouse in Manhattan. Her daughter spent outrageous amounts of money on fertility treatments and  is also a divoricee. Alexis, Martha's only daughter, finally welcomed a her daughter into the world only a few weeks ago, by surrogacy. Alexis has spoke about an on again off again relationship with her mother that became a deeper bond while her mom was in prison. Martha lives alone in a  35,000 square foot home with her dog in NY. I guess what  I'm trying to say is that Martha's life sounds pretty lonely. She MAY (doubt it) be perfectly happy, but if I had the family life that she does, I think I would be miserable. Guess this goes back to the old saying that money can't buy happiness. This little research endeavor has just reiterated the fact that no one is perfect, one person can't do everything right, and things aren't always as they seem. 
While Martha is my inspiration for my craftiness and business accomplishments, she is not my inspiration for my personal life. I wish Martha all the best in her personal life. Maybe her new grandchild will bring her together with her daughter to create a family life that every woman deserves.

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